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We manufacture photomasks for commerical, military and university applications.

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page is updated regularly based on customer feedback. Please check back often.

Are you able to process 200mm wafers in your facilities?2018-01-16T00:07:17+00:00

Yes, we have the capability to work with 200 millimeter wafers.

Can you build glass in circular shapes?2018-01-16T01:04:44+00:00

Yes. Our glass shaping team can core drill inner and outer diameters. We can also create inside cuts, angles and radiuses. For simple square or rectangle products we use our dicing saw technology.

Can you process .1mm glass? (as thin as paper)2018-01-11T20:36:05+00:00

Currently, we do not have the equipment and tooling to work with .1 millimeter glass.

How long does it take to get my photomask?2023-03-10T17:56:21+00:00

A 4 to 6-inch chrome mask eta is 5-days after plots are approved and payment is received.

Is edge roughness of a photomask related to the critical dimension?2019-01-30T16:24:45+00:00

The factors that determine the “edge quality” or smoothness is the C.D. and tolerance and tool.

Is the shipping included in the mask price?2018-01-16T00:06:43+00:00

Shipping is an additional cost which is determined by the customer.

What is a PCM?2018-01-15T23:46:31+00:00

PCM means process control monitor. This is a test pattern that we place along the edge of every mask. It contains several designs that allow us to quickly verify that the equipment and process remains within the required parameters.

What is the difference between, Iron Oxide, Quartz and Soda Lime?2018-05-09T19:10:15+00:00
There are several types of glass used for precision printing, the main types are:
  • Sodalime: Basically it’s window pane glass and cheap.
  • Borosilicate: Optical Glass – This is a common type of material for optical components.
  • Quartz: Generally used for UV photomask applications.
What kind of software would you suggest to design photomasks?2018-06-22T14:29:23+00:00

Klayoutklayout.de (It’s free)  A good layout tool but not a great editor but lots of strong features under the hood.

On the higher end… DW2000 from Designworkshop (Canada).

When will I get my quote?2019-01-25T16:40:41+00:00

We will send you a quote within 24-hours (depending on the complexity of your order).

It helps us if you upload the design you have in mind to UPLOAD YOUR DESIGN so we can recommend the appropriate path for your type of product. Please let us know in the comments section (where you are uploading the file) the details of your order.

Why would I choose a soda lime substrate for my photomask?2018-05-14T15:31:03+00:00

It’s cheap and readily available and works great in the VIS range.

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