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We manufacture indium tin oxide (ITO) at the best value.

Indium tin oxide is a widely used transparent conducting oxide for its two main properties: electrical conductivity and optical transparency, as well as the ease with which it can be deposited as a thin film.

Indium tin oxide is commonly used for making transparent conductive coatings in lcds, plasma and flat panel displays, touch panels, and electronic ink applications.

Furthermore, ITO thin films are used in solar cells, organic light-emitting diodes, anti-static coatings and electromagnetic (EMI) shielding. For organic light-emitting diodes, indium tin oxide is used as the anode (hole injection layer).

The minimum ITO thickness we image is 100 Angstrom and resistance can range from 250 – 450 ohms per square. We offer thicker coatings for resistance in the range of 10 – 15 ohms per square.

Typical ITO applications:

Spatial Light Modulators
Liquid Crystal Light Valves
Electrode & Ground Plane Panels for Wavelength Selective Switches

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