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We manufacture precision shadow masks and eclectic metal components using a customized chemical milling process.

Shadow masks are micro-machined templates, sometimes used instead of a photomask for patterning your substrate. Photoresist allows for better resolution and wider margins in terms of pattern layout. Since resist adheres directly to metal substrates, it opens up more options.

Shadow masks are optimal for precision apertures, alignment targets, grids and metal encoder discs.

Our bi-metal process delivers sharp edges and tight tolerances for evaporation, deposition, infrared, optics, calibration and motion control applications.

Shadow mask with tight edge
Shadow mask with tight edge

Photo Sciences Micro Edge Shadow Mask Gallery

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Specifications offered:

.01″ and 8″ product sizes
Substrate: Nickel over Brass
Brass substrate thickness: .005″ (~.125mm)
Nickel plating: 7 – 15 microns typical
Smallest opening: 25 microns
Smallest space between openings: 25 micron
Critical feature tolerance: +/- 10 microns
Positional accuracy for Glass Tooling: +/- 1μm

Design & Shadow Mask Layout Considerations:

The amount of space between openings affects the structural integrity of the shadow mask. Whenever there is less than 400 microns of space between openings, the brass between the openings is removed leaving only a thin five to 10 micron layer of nickel plating.

If you are planning a large array of tightly spaced openings you may have to reduce your cell size to 5mm x 5mm or 10mm x 10mm depending on the density and spacing of your features. We recommend keeping more than 500 to 800 microns of space between openings wherever possible.

Acceptable file formats,
digitizing services and turn time:

We accept DWG, DXF, GDSII file formats.
Digitizing services available.
Typical turn time is two weeks.

Wondering if our customized bi-metal process is a good fit for your organization?